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    • 7th year of BCSP on the global list of best think-tanks

    • Date: 31 January 2019

      Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) is for the seventh year in a row in company of world’s best think-tanks ranked in the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report!

      University of Pennsylvania (USA) traditionally publishes the most comprehensive list of leading think-tanks from around the world every year.

      BCSP is the best ranked think-tank in the Western Balkans covering defence, national security, foreign policy and international relations.

      In 2018 the BCSP is ranked as:

      • 18th on the list of Top Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe,
      • 57th on the list of Top Think Tanks by Area of Research Defence and National Security, while first on the list from the region and
      • 59th on the list of Top Think Tanks by Area of Research Foreign Policy and International Affairs, while first on the list from the region.

      A small number of think-tanks per category get to be nominated each year, especially from the Western Balkans, which makes the nomination an achievement in itself, and we congratulate all of our colleagues from Serbia that made it into this year’s list.

      Some of the criteria used in assessing the significance of each organization are:

      • Quality, dedication and reputation of the management and employees;
      • Quantity, quality and the effect of research;
      • Reputation among the policy makers and politicians;
      • The level, diversity and stability of financing and management efficiency;
      • Ability to communicate via traditional as well as new media;
      • Ability to include new participants in the policy making process;
      • Ability to create new basis of knowledge and alternative ideas;
      • Impact on society.

      Global Go-To-Think Tank Index is the response of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at University of Pennsylvania (USA) to numerous demands from policymakers, journalists, public and private donors to have a list of most prominent national, regional and international research centers. In the process of nominating and ranking, besides think tanks, participated more than 3.500 representatives of universities, institutes, government, non-government, international and donor organizations, and independent experts and journalists.

      Role of think-tanks today

      It is highlighted in the report that think tanks play a critical role in analyzing, developing and promoting policy solutions, particularly in times of extreme disruption and change. However, these organizations now operate in information-rich societies where facts, evidence and credible research are often ignored, and where disinformation can gain a footing.

      The report stresses that in order to remain relevant and impactful, think-tanks and policy institutes must simultaneously pursue rigor, innovation, accessibility and accountability more than ever before. In short, think-tanks must adapt and innovate by transforming their organization to be smarter, better, faster and more mobile.

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