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    • First Consultation Meeting on Security Issues with City Representatives was organized in Belgrade

    • Date: 09 April 2011
      In the City Hall on April 6th 2011, the first consultation between CSOs and City representatives has been held.

      Why was the meeting convened?

      After the recent turmoil in Belgrade, a special meeting was held in the City Hall dedicated to the security situation within Belgrade territory. According to the city officials, previous meeting was held twenty years ago. This implies that on the city level there was no continuous treatment of citizens’ security and that there is a great need this practice to be improved.

      After noticing Belgrade’s need for planning and continuous treatment of security issues, Belgrade Mayor has put together a Working Group which is to formulate drafts of decisions for the improvement of the quality of both human and asset security in Belgrade. As Working Group was not able to complete this complicated task as mapping of all security issues in the city, followed by measures for improvement of security, they intended to create a network and coordinate different security actors so that civil security could be improved.

      Who participated?

      Meeting participants were Working Group and CSO representatives: Dejan Randjic as a representative of the City Assembly; member of the City Council Slobodan Solevic; Edin Serifov of the National Assembly’s Defence and Security Committee; Srdjan Stambolic from the Security-Information Agency; Aleksandar Kostic as the Deputy Chief of Municipal Police; Dragan Kolev, Professor at Faculty of Applied Psychology; Sasa Mijalkovic from the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies; Zarko Trebjesanin, Professor at the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation; Zoran Djokovic from the Serbian Ministry of Interior; Milan Stanic as the Chief of Public Order in Belgrade; and Vladan Djordjevic, Deputy Chief of the Department for Prevention and Police Work in Belgrade.

      Representatives of CSO present on this meeting were: Autonomous Women Centre, Astra, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Centre for Youth Security, Centre for Security Studies, GayStraight Alliance, Group 484, European Movement in Serbia, ISAC, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, YUCOM, Gender Equality Commission in Belgrade, and Association of the Disabled.

      Which issues are troubling most of Belgrade’s residents?

      CSO representatives have put forward their views of the security situation in Belgrade. Having security problems listed (domestic violence, peer violence, traffic security, stray dogs issue, etc), they have offered some suggestions aimed at improving Belgrade’s security:

      • improvement of coordination between different institutions as a response to security threats and challenges
      • urban planning

      ·         informing the citizens about institutions and organizations to which they can address when in need of help

      ·         removal of hate speech grafitti

      ·         solution of stray dogs problem

      ·         cooperation with private security companies for citizens’ protection

      ·         call for projects focusing on improving security, posted apart from social services’ related grants

      ·         clearing obstacles to disabled to move freely in the city

      ·         organization of polls as to determine security problems Belgraders are facing

      ·         adoption of Communal police Rulebook

      ·         Strrategy for improvement of security of people and assets within territory of Belgrade,

      ·         campaigning with the goal of raising awarness about security issues and people’s individual ressponsibility.

      What the CSOs had to say?

      All CSO representatives agreed that Belgrade should determine which values it is standing for and aims to protect. In addition, all people living on its territory should be familiar with Belgrade’s standing on this topic. It is recommended that group of these values containes nonviolence (fight against all forms of violence), tolerance and civil action. Visibility of these standings, according to CSOs can be achieved with media campaigns and different civic actions.

      CSO representatives agreed that citizens’ awarness is not developped on individual level and that they can contribute to the security, not only the institutions. Therefore City authorities should seriously deal with this topic together with citizens’ associations. The message is that all citizens in Belgrade should actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of security, and to the creation of safe place.

      What is to follow?

      Working Group representatives invited CSO representatives to do the following in the next  6 months:

      ·         formulate security problems in the city

      ·         deliver concrete activity proposals that city of Belgrade, bearing on mind its jurisdiction, could undertake with the goal of solution of the implied security problems

      ·         suggest ways for raising awarness, that is to say citizens’ culture.

      They can deliver suggestions, citizens and their associations can deliver to the address of the  Agency for European Integration and Cooperation with Associations, Kraljice Marije 1/XIX, 11000 BEOGRAD, or e-mail to agencija.eu@beograd.gov.rs

      Working Group will make its own priority proposal, based on delivered proposals, for rasing awarness and give it for public discussion.

      City Service Beoinfo has reported about this meeting, please follow the link http://www.beograd.rs/cms/view.php?id=1441757 .

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