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    • Call for Papers for the journal Western Balkans Security Observer

    • Date: 01 April 2011
      Issue 19: Gender and Security Sector


      The special issue of Western Balkans Security Observer, No.19, will be dedicated to the issue of gender in the security sector. With this issue of the Journal we want to give an additional impetus to the ongoing debate on this topic, extending the research spotlight, in order to examine some of the domestic, but also international experiences.

      Some of the proposed topics for this issue are:


      Gender identities in the security vocations (police, military, judiciary, etc.)


      Key question: Gender identity as an integral perspective of security.


      Topics: Men and masculinities in the security sector. What does gender analysis offer? How does the gender discourse and identities influence SSR in countries in the region? How does organizational culture impact on gender identities, and vice versa?


      II Position of women in the security sector - experiences of countries in the Western Balkans region and in the European Union

      Key questions: How to ensure a successful introduction of a gender perspective in security and defense policies? What are the support mechanisms for women employed in the security sector? How to improve the recruitment and retention of women in the security sector? Are there barriers to advancement of women? Is a job in the security sector still "a man's job"? What is the role of organizational culture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of introducing quotas “for women” in the security sector? How do security sector institutions address gender-based discrimination? How does this mechanism work in practice? What are the challenges of introducing gender advisors in the security sector institutions? What are the greatest achievements in the work of gender advisors?


      III Operational benefits of gender mainstreaming in the security sector

      Key questions: Why is the introduction of a gender perspective relevant to security sector reform? What are the operational benefits of gender mainstreaming in the security sector? Does operational effectiveness influence gender stereotypes in the security sector? If yes, how? What are the advantages, and what are the obstacles to the introduction of a gender perspective in the security sector in Serbia/Western Balkans?



      IV Women's participation in multinational operations

      Key question: How to increase women's participation in multinational operations?


      Topics: What are the lessons from women's participation in multinational operations? What are the biggest accomplishments of gender advisors in multinational operations? How does increased involvement of women impact on operational effectiveness of the mission? How does it reflect on the (re)building of local communities?



       V Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325


      Key question: How to ensure successful implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) on UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 in Serbia?


      Topics: What is the experience of countries that have adopted NAPs for the implementation of the UNSCR1325? What are the biggest challenges of the UNSCR1325 on the national level? How to provide the necessary institutional support? How can civil society organizations engage in the process of implementing the NAP on UNSCR 1325?



      In order to further bring these issues into focus, we invite all interested authors to submit their papers by 20 April 2011 at the latest. We especially encourage authors to first submit a brief abstract, to the Editorial Staff address: office@ccmr-bg.org with the subject For WBSO journal, or to address Maja Bjeloš on majabjelos@ccmr-bg.org for any questions related to the publication of articles and book reviews. The papers should not be longer than 3,000 words (not including footnotes and bibliography). The font should be Times New Roman 12, spacing 1.5, and footnotes should be listed in the Harvard style.

      Contacts of the Editorial Staff:


      Belgrade Center for Security Policy


      Gundulicev venac 48/I, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


      Tel: +381 11 32 87 334, 32 87 226


      E-mail: office@ccmr-bg.org


      Web: www.ccmr-bg.org

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