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    • Best of BCSP in 2017

    • Date: 03 January 2018

      Dear friends and colleagues,


      BCBP wishes you safe and successful 2018.


      In the year ahead, we will continue to explore topics important for the reform of the security sector, regional security cooperation and international security, all for the sake of the greater security and protection of rights of all citizens.

      Our goal is to become better in cooperation with you!

      Take a look at the best from BCSP in the year behind us.


      The most important events in 2017 in BCSP:

      1. #BreakingFear is actualized as a primary task of the BCSP at the celebration of 20th anniversary (LINK)

      2. Public opinion research on dialogue with Pristina, foreign policy and trust in the police (LINK)

      3. Advocating for the legislative reform of the security-intelligence system of Serbia (LINK)

      4. Restoring the topic of democratization on the agenda of the EU accession process (LINK)

      5. Attacks on the BCSP by representatives of the state authorities and the extreme right (LINK)


      The most read publications of the BCSP in 2017:

      1. Public perception of Serbia’s foreign policy (LINK)

      2. Public Opinion on the Security of Serbia and Dialogue with Pristina (LINK)

      3. Super Galeb’s Flight into the Blue (LINK)

      4. Slippery Slopes of the Reform of Serbian Security Services (LINK)

      5. What does the cooperation with NATO mean for Serbia’s defence industry? (LINK)


      BCSP 2017 in numbers:

      29 projects and consulting engagements implemented

      30 partner CSOs involved in joint activities

      35 publications published

      19 public events organized and in 26 actively participated

      1027 BCSP apperiances in media

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